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January 5, 2021

My hopes for 2021

What a bloody year 2020 was. I mean, you couldn’t make that up could you? When the countdown chimed in I weirdly woke up on New Years Day feeling super positive about this year, excited for hopefully getting life on track again. Cue the announcement last night, another lockdown. But weirdly enough, I’m still feeling weirdly positive. Yes it’s not ideal, I’d love to be…

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May 20, 2020

Personalised wooden gifts

Coronavirus is hitting everyone hard, none more so than the small businesses of the world. Which is why on my Instagram and here I will try to highlight small brands that I love to help in any way I can. DoodleTech is a family owned business consisting of two brothers. They offer everything from wooden cards, keyrings, save the dates to even personalised items. They…

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May 15, 2020

Quarantine skincare: how I’m controlling my acne

As most of you may know, I’ve suffered with acne for years. I’ve tried many methods to try and control it. A while back I tried the 10 step Korean skincare routine, and it was great but I was still breaking out so I gave up after a few months. Having to wear makeup for work doesn’t exactly help, so my skin has been loving…

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April 25, 2020

My fitness goals

Since suffering with my anxiety and PTSD which I explained briefly in this post. I’ve long been annoyed at my body and at myself for never sticking to regimes. I feel like the times I actually have stuck to going to the gym and fuelling my body with the right food makes my mental health improve leaps and bounds. Almost to the point where the…

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April 15, 2020

My isolation routine

my current lock down routine!…

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