July 22, 2016

Paradise of Kefalonia, Greece

A month ago, me and Andy got away from rainy England and found paradise in Kefalonia, Greece.


 We stayed in Skala, in the south of the island, and arrived to a not too shabby 27 degrees.

The beach was a 30 second walk from our hotel and the water was the clearest I’d ever seen!


Our flight was delayed from gatwick so we ended up getting there late afternoon rather than midday so we explored the beach and hotel then went and had dinner.


We rented out a scooter and travelled to the capital, Argostoli on our second day. If you don’t know, I absolutely ADORE sea turtles. They are my favourite animal and hearing word that they stay in Argostoli harbour, I was like a child on Christmas morning!

After a lot of walking away from the harbour it looked like a rock was moving and then this beauty came to the surface and stayed swimming gracefully for a 5 minutes before moving on.

I’ll admit this now… I cried a little bit.

I knew loggerhead turtles were big but I was not prepared for them to be a metre long and half a metre wide!


After blubbing like a baby we went to find somewhere good to eat, on the way there was a beautiful walkway with flowers lining it.


We stopped for lunch at Captain’s Bar and this place was the bomb, 2 huge salads and drinks for only €25!



I decided to go for a salad niçoise with tuna, anchovies, eggs and potatoes.


Andy went for a seafood salad with scallops, king prawns, muscles and lobster tail.


On our way back to the hotel we spotted this heavily pregnant donkey who posed for a (very out of focus) photo!


All around the island there are these mini churches where people can pay respects for loved ones and there is a candle that never burns out in them. Such a lovely momento.


On our third day we started to travel up to Fiscardo at the top of the island but stopped at these awesome rocks to take some piccies!








Unfortunately, about 20 minutes after these photos were taken me and Andy crashed on the moped and slipped on the sand on the road. We were both badly hurt and so the adventures stopped from then on. We almost went off a cliff edge so we count ourselves very lucky to be alive.

The next day was my birthday, we were so bandaged up we just stayed in the hotel and then took some pictures down at dinner. This was the view from the top of the hotel.



The day after we didn’t take any pictures but just chilled in our room and spend some time together.

The next day the hotel staff offered to take some pictures for us.



I wanted so desperately to swim but because of the injuries I wasn’t aloud so this was as close as I could get!


On our last day we sat by the pool and dressed up nicely for dinner that night.


One of the gorgeous twin cats that lived by our room for the week!


Our last night in paradise.


We stayed at the gorgeous Tesoro Blu Hotel in Skala and this hotel has to be the most luxurious ones I’ve been to and the staff were absolutely incredible!

Overall, the holiday wasn’t what we expected, and is definitely the most quiet one we will ever have! But we had each other, and that was all that mattered. The worst situation can make you stronger and I feel incredibly lucky to have my gorgeous man by my side.


In June 2018 we made the trip back to the same place to ‘finish’ our holiday – you can check out the post here

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