September 13, 2016

Dear teenage me…



What would you tell your teenage self? Your gawky, trying to navigate the world teenage self? I decided to write her a letter…



Dear teenage Sian,


I know you may feel like these are the hardest years of your life, but hold on girl, the world is about to be 100 times more shitty in the years to come! And although you may feel the whole world may fall apart when you have to tell your teacher you genuinely forgot your homework but spent hours slaving away on it last night – it’s not going to!


So here is my advice to you:


  1. I know you feel awkward and self conscious that you’re not as pretty as the ‘populars’ but, believe it or not, you’re actually quite pretty! And the quirks and sparks of your personality you try and hide to avoid getting picked on are actually the things that make you all the more beautiful.


2.  Lighten up, you won’t get through the world being a goody-two-shoes all the time! Homework doesn’t make the world go round!



3. Find your back bone, it will take you until the end of your first relationship to find it but theres no harm in trying to find it sooner! Stand up for yourself, don’t bottle up your feelings and let someone know if they’ve upset you.



4. I know you LOVE tight lining your waterline with black eyeliner and not even putting mascara on, but please, you’re doing the world a favour if you just go au natural.



5. I know it will take years for the doctors to sort out your hormonal acne, hang in there, soon you’ll be 19 and never have any huge breakouts again!



6. I know your friends and people who find out that you’re on the pill at 12 will joke about you being promiscuous and having sex. Ignore it, it will stop them horrible cramps and cysts that keeps making you miss school. Also refer to point 2, they’re only joking!




7. Don’t straighten your hair! It’ll just go frizzy anyway and you’ll grow up and miss your pin curls!



8. Don’t worry about French or German, it’ll only be there for 2 years and then you’ll switch to Spanish and get a B.



9. I know you hate heights and are unsure about whether or not to go to Dordogne but, trust me, going will be the best decision of your life and years down the line you’ll still be doing watersports.



10. I know you think you’re done with braces, but you’ve still got a looong journey to go…



11. The boyfriend that you think is ‘all that’ is not the one. Don’t bend over backwards for him, and trust your gut instinct when you want to leave.




I still don’t have the answers figured out for all your questions at 19, but you’ll learn to live life to the fullest and you’ll have some pretty amazing journeys along the way.







What would you tell your teenage self?





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