June 18, 2017


























I’m finally posting my pics from visiting Andy in Vienna, Austria. (For those of you who don’t know, he’s training out there with his new job and is sometimes gone for 3 weeks at a time). It was so nice to get the opportunity to see him and see where his company is based – it makes it all the more familiar when he is gone for long periods of time. At least I know, or at least have the jist, of things he’s talking about!

I flew out to Vienna, where we stayed in the Hilton Hotel and then we went back to his work apartment.

We travelled to the alps on our last day together, toured Vienna and visited all the landmarks. The food was absolutely incredible on this trip, I couldn’t fault it!

I took so many pictures but tried my best to stay away from the camera to enjoy spending time with Andy – absence does make the heart grow fonder!


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Wheres your favourite place in Europe? I think Vienna and Amsterdam are currently my favourites!



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