August 6, 2017

New LUSH Jelly Face Masks – Review

For those of you who don’t know (although I think it’s common fact now) I love LUSH products. Give me a million pounds and that will be gone in 5 minutes all in a LUSH store. No joke. If you watch my YouTube videos you will know I love a good lush haul.



When I walked into LUSH and picked up, like, four billion things and got to the checkout the girl said “Have you seen the new jelly face masks we have? There’s one more left we’ve sold out on the first day!”

Say no more.

I bought one.

She didn’t even need to tell me the benefits of it.



The one I purchased was the ‘Just to clarify’ face mask.

At first I was sceptical, a jelly face mask? Sure the jelly shower gels are amazing and one of my favourite things but it seems more like a novelty than an actual thing.

However, what did draw me is the fact that (unlike the fresh face masks) this one was self preserving and it doesn’t go out of date in a few weeks. You actually get 4 months of this face mask.


 As you can see I got a little too excited and tore a chunk off before even getting pictures…

 Much like the jelly shower gels, it has the same texture and you can break pieces off. Once you apply some pressure and move the jelly it forms into a paste on your skin, therefore making your face mask.

 The black beads in the middle exfoliate (almost think of them as micro beads but ones that don’t damage the environment.)

 I did a very thin coverage of the face mask as it didn’t really specify how thick the product needed to be.

 I left the face mask on for about 20 minutes, it dried but didn’t feel itchy or dry like most setting face masks do for me. I was really unsure of the smell of this one. I normally love papaya but this smell wasn’t for me!

When it comes to washing off the face mask you can use either a face cloth soaked in warm water of just wash it off with warm water. This mask definitely exfoliates, when washing it off you can really feel the slight gritty parts of it.


On the packet it states: “Papaya brightens, bamboo stem exfoliates and fresh orange juice gives moods a sunny boost”


Personally I could see a difference straight away, my skin felt clean and looked bright. My skin texture was much finer and rejuvenated.


Overall, I think this mask is a good buy, I slightly odd concept but it’s nice to try something different. The extended use-by date is a huge plus compared to the fresh face masks (how the hell are you meant to use the whole pot in two weeks unless you have a mask every day?!)

The price is about average for LUSH, I reckon I could get about 10 masks out of this 65g pot, maybe more.


Once more come in stock I’m planning to get all of them and do a huge comparison post/video so stay tuned for that!


Would you try the jelly face masks?



See you in the next post,



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