October 5, 2017

HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette REVIEW

As soon as I saw this on Huda’s Instagram, I knew I needed it!

And I definitely was not disappointed.



So, first impressions, the packaging is gorgeous. What else would you expect from Huda?



I love that is has such a big mirror, it’s perfect for travelling on the go as I can actually see my whole face better than other palettes!





So the colours are gorgeous, perfect for autumn! As you can see they come in 4 textures. 8 mattes, 6 pressed pearls, 3 duo-chrome toppers and 1 glitter.

What I love about this is that there is so much versatility in the palette. It’s not just your everyday palette.




I’ve heard that the pure glitter shade Cosmo can come completely broken, mine was lucky enough to stay together but that is a point to remember when buying this palette.

As you can see, the shades are completely true to colour which is an absolute plus for this palette! They are super buttery and pigmented, a little goes a long way!

All of them blend so easily, the glitter does require glue to stick down and to look as pigmented as it is in the palette – but, hey, what can you expect from an actual glitter?!

I have to say I can’t find anything bad about this palette apart from the hefty £56 price tag! But you do get what you pay for, so I fully recommend investing in this palette!


Buttery texture makes for easy blending!

Super pigmented – a little goes a long way.

True to colour.

Packaging is very pleasing on the eye 😉

Range of textures and shades.


Will set you back a hefty £56

Glitter can be hard to use for anyone starting out in makeup.

Overall, I think this palette is a steal, and has already become my favourite palette so far! Huda came out with this just in time for autumn, I’m a huge fan of them orange shades and deep plums – the whole palette just screams autumn glam to me!

Have you got this palette? What do you think?

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