January 1, 2018

Why shaving my face was the BEST thing I ever did for my skin.

Instagram is full of wacky trends; wobbly eyebrows, fake nostril hairs, eyebrow braids??? (Please can we make them STAY in 2017?!)

However, whenever I came across Huda Beauty’s post about shaving her face I was intrigued. I’m currently nearly finished my studies as a beauty therapist, so skincare is important to me and I find it very interesting. Of course, I had heard of derma planing, but trying it on yourself? Could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to my skin or I end up looking like scarface. Regardless, I was itching to try it out.

So, first things first, what is derma planing?

Derma planing is the act of using a razor on taut skin in order to remove dead skin cells, peach fuzz and other debris on your face. Essentially, shaving your entire face. Now, you can go to a qualified beauty therapist/aesthetician and have a derma planing facial if you want to try it out before you DIY it and take a razor to your face, but be warned – you’re looking to spend £50-100 for a 45 minute facial!

“But the hair will grow back thicker and darker and I’ll look like a man with a beard!” I hear you cry.

Absolute baloney!

Every single hair on your body has its own DNA, which is something that absolutely cannot be altered. It is a huge big myth in the beauty world that hair will grow back thicker and darker after shaving. The melanin in your skin cannot change, yes you can become more tan in the sunlight and your hair appears more fair. But it cannot alter the DNA of your skin – it’s absolutely impossible. Think of your eye colour, the only time it changes is when you are a baby as you need UV light to develop the pigmentation in your iris’. Have you ever seen an adult go from blue eyes to brown in a day? No, because you cannot alter your DNA. The same goes for hairs, you are born with genetically programmed colour for your hairs. Some have blonde, others red, some black or brown. Shaving will not miraculously turn your black hairs blonde or your blonde hairs black.

In regards to your skin feeling scratchy or ‘stubbly’ when the hair starts growing back, it’s not as bad as you think it is! Hair naturally has a tapered edge, like a point, in order for it to push through the skin when growing – when it can’t, that is when you experience ingrown hairs. Shaving cuts the hair flat, without a point. So when it grows back it can feel a bit prickly. However, you need to wait a few days and it will feel like soft peach fuzz again, as it is longer and not so rigid anymore. And when I say it “feels prickly”, it is absolutely nothing like a man’s stubble, don’t you worry! Derma planing makes your skin very smooth as it takes off the first layer of your skin, so when hair starts to grow back it can feel more prickly than it actually is – because you have had a week or so of having extremely smooth skin. If you naturally have very dark hairs then the regrowth will be more noticeable to touch and to look at, as darker hairs are courser and thicker – so be wary!

Now on to them pesky ingrown hairs. Surely shaving runs the risk of ingrown hairs? Well, yes. All shaving will run the risk of ingrown hairs, however, ingrown hairs are more likely to happen when the skin isn’t exfoliated enough, the hair cannot push through all the dead skin cells that lie on the top of your skin so the hairs continues to grow underneath this layer. Luckily for you, derma planing gets rid of this top layer of skin along with your hairs. So when they want to poke their way back through again, they have a free airspace to do so.


Now on to the benefits:

Dermaplaning is like a deep exfoliation treatments, it removes the Statum Corneum (the top layer of your skin to you and me!) which will give the look and feel of smooth skin.

Smooth skin = smooth makeup application. No more lumpy buildup of products!

The deep exfoliation makes any product you use on your skin to penetrate deeper into your other 3 layers of your skin. Whack that serum on girl, you’ll wake up looking flawless!

It helps acne scars. Exfoliating scars is one of the best ways to fade them, as it encourages blood and the production of collagen to the area.

How often should I do it? I personally like doing it every week, as I would with a normal exfoliant. But it’s completely up to you, you can find what works best for you.

Should I use shaving cream? Dermaplaning is not like regular shaving, so put down that leg razor and cream and buy yourself a derma razor, or eyebrow razor. NEVER shave your face wet.

I have sensitive skin, will it work for me? As with all products and new routines, if you suffer from sensitivity it is always best to do a patch test first. Sensitive skin types usually suffer from razor burn on dry skin, so test a small patch of your cheek, for instance, and wait a few hours. If there’s no reaction then you can try the rest of your face.

As with all beauty trends and experiments, always be careful and don’t go too mad! Be patient for results and analyse whether it really is a must for your skincare routine!


As you can see, my skin is a lot brighter, the angry spots I had the night before have calmed down and flattened (do be careful and try to avoid any active spots), and it feels so smooth to touch!

Do you shave your face? Let me know in the comments below and tell me your success (or fail) stories!

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