May 9, 2018

The Body Shop – NEW PRODUCTS!

A week ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to an event at The Body Shop in Southampton’s West Quay, to talk about all their new products that have just been released. You all know I am obsessed with The Body Shop (cue the huge expensive advent calendar Andy so lovingly got me a few Christmas’ ago!) so it was really fun being able to go along and experience and receive some of the new products that have only just been launched.

We started off the evening with some drinks and nibbles, which took a great amount of will power and strength for me not to dive across the whole table and scoff the lot. 

The main new product that we were all talking about is the new Body Yogurts. Exactly the same moisturising effect as the Body Butters, but their formula is so much lighter and more like a gel consistency – and what’s even more great – they’re vegan! I love the body butters, but I always choose other moisturisers over them because it takes so long to soak into my skin, I always stand there like an awkward penguin waiting for it to absorb. The Body Shop claim that these new formulas soak in within 15 minutes and have all the same effects as their body butters. The girls in The Body Shop explained they wanted to create something that was suitable more for day to day life, like mums on the go, people going out to work etc. Not having to wait around is the biggest benefit. It’s great now, that the formula is suitable for vegans as the body butters are not, and The Body Shop’s pledge is to only bring out vegan products in 2018.

The body yogurts come in 5 scents – British Rose, Strawberry, Moringa, Almond Milk and Mango. They retail at only £8.50 a tub, and you only need a minute amount to cover an area, so I would say it’s really good value for money! When we were trying them, I put on what I though was a small amount and ended up rubbing it in for ages.

We got hand and arm exfoliation and massages using our favourite body yogurts. I choose the Almond Milk one, it smells so clean and fresh – it’s the closest thing to clean bed sheets in a body moisturiser!

We then moved on to another new product – The Face Mists! These little mists serve lots of purposes. All are 100% vegan, retail at £6 and can be used before or after makeup. It won’t increase the longevity of your makeup, but it will freshen up your skin during the day. We all got given one of these to take home with us, I chose the Mandarin Energising one, specifically to take on holiday with me to Kefalonia to keep my skin feeling fresh and not so sweaty throughout the day. The majority of the mists do what they say on the outside, Mint is mattifying, Coco calms your skin of any redness, Strawberry soothes sensitive skin and Rose helps you achieve that dewy look.



It was such a lovely evening, thank you to @thequaytobeauty for inviting us and Alice from Southampton Bloggers for setting it all up! I can’t wait for more events like this one!

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