June 30, 2018

The top 5 places to eat / drink in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Great for culture, beauty and food alike. I normally judge anywhere I visit on the food primarily (as I usually spend the majority of my life hangry) and taking a visit to Amsterdam was no exception.

We tried to find as many cute restaurants as possible to fuel our days and we were not disappointed.

1) Pluk

This is my number one. The place is cute, cosy, they sell adorable stationary and kitchen items and the food is insane.

We went here for breakfast and ordered their famous unicorn bowls. Move over acaí bowl – this was so bloody good!

Banana and strawberry smoothie bowl topped with chia seeds, mini ice cream cone, coconut, homemade granola and banana. All made to look like a unicorn. You’re welcome. According to my friend Len the lemon and poppyseed cake was pretty great too!

2) Sugo

I mean who doesn’t love pizza? Right? Sugo do over 20 different varieties and they change daily. Most of the pizzas are on a ciabatta base made in store daily and they are so freaking good! Also they deliver which was perfect for us girls getting ready for a night out.

3) Mook

Pancakes were an absolute must on our list, we needed them especially after a night out in ‘dam centre. Cue Mook, a huge array of pancakes available from savoury to sweet and what’s even better – you can buy their pancake mix so you can make their pancakes in your own home. Win win. The pancakes are so light and not stodgy at all, I went for The Chocolate Sensation and Ellen  went for The Infamous. Both were incredible and it was just what we needed on a rainy Sunday morning.

4) Blushing

Blushing has to be by far the most instagram-worthy place in amsterdam. Classic, cute decor and amazing healthy options for both food and drink. Need I say more?


4) Royal 98

This was a perfect parting gift from Amsterdam. Super chic decor, amazing service and the food was to die for. Me and Ellen went for the Salami Milano and Len went for the Pomodori Soup. I think our grilled sandwich was probably the best I’ve ever had, when something comes with amazing homemade tomato sauce you know you’re in for a winner!




So there are my top 5 places to eat/drink in Amsterdam. Have you tried any of these? It was the most amazing trip with my girls and looking back on these photos has made me so hungry! Brb while I try and recreate Mook pancakes…


Ciao x

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