July 8, 2018

How to turn your flaws into your biggest asset

Flaws, we all have them – and I could sit here and preach that everyone is perfect and no one has them. But we all know our deviant little minds just love to focus on our less confident attributes, even though the rest of the world hasn’t even noticed them. Take me, absolutely hated my freckles growing up, thought each one was a mini satan dragging me down to hell (bit dramatic, but I did really hate them!) to now me happily posing with no makeup and them on full display. You can see all my other ‘flaws’ I suffered with as a teenager in my Dear teenage me post


And it really is as simple as 5 things to make you love what makes you less confident. Turning it into the most confident part about you.

  1. Ignore what others say – now this is easier said than done. If you’re at school and the mean girls are hounding you then you can’t ignore it so much because it feels so raw. If that’s you, all you’ve got to think is “You’re only singling me out because you don’t love yourself”. Which is so true, anyone who has nothing nice to say usually is dealing with inner conflict in themselves.
  2. Realise you can’t change your flaws. Okay, maybe if you had ridiculous amounts of money you could, but let’s be real – unless any of us are marrying rich plastic surgeons that goal is waaaay off. Once you start accepting your flaws is when you start embracing them, and embracing leads to loving. Unless your flaw affects other people, like a mean personality or anger issues for example – it cannot be changed and changing it would alter who you are as a person that makes you unique.
  3. Understand what makes you feel like that. What made you suddenly stop loving a part of yourself? Was it a comment a family member made, was it a mean girl at school, was it simply looking in the mirror one day and your mind changed direction? Once you understand why you don’t like something, makes it all the more easier to over come it. You can channel your emotions to “I know why I feel this way now” and it makes it easier to understand yourself.
  4. Turn your flaws into a challenge, both for you and anyone who criticises your flaws. See them as a ‘I’ll show you I’m beautiful” statement. Make it your drive to show the world that your less confident attributes are the best part about you.
  5. Fake it until you believe it. Majority of the time, faking it and forcing yourself to be okay with it will eventually make you okay with it. Your mind will grow tired of your constant battle and start to believe what you convey to others. The rest is history.


Step 5 was my best step for myself, it only took a few months before I was confident enough to show my freckles, no makeup to the world. Now I happily wander around with no makeup on. I feel beautiful with and without it.


Unfortunately the world isn’t kind. Some people will point out your differences and make you feel low for it. They only are insecure about themselves enough to bring others down. This is where you compose yourself, get back up, put your middle finger in the air and become your own truth.

That my darlings, is how you make your flaws into your asset.

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