July 31, 2018

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste Review

As soon as I heard Lemonhead LA Spacepaste were coming to Cult Beauty I knew I had to get some. Festival season brings all the glitter addicts out. I am one of those people. I mean is it even a festival if you haven’t been covered head to toe in glitter? If it’s good enough for Beyoncé then it’s good enough for us, right?! For a limited time only when you order a product from Lemonhead LA from Cult beauty you get a free pot of Houdini highlite paste ( Which is the one Queen Bey wore at Coachella).

So what is it? According to Lemonhead LA’s website it states:

SPACEPASTE is a full coverage, ultra-thick concentrated glitter paste designed for making artists’ lives easier. It’s formula is unique and for the first time makes glitter easy to manipulate with fans praising it as “glitter for adults”. Spacepaste dries quickly and stays in place for photoshoots and normal daily wear. Water reactivates it’s base for instant and easy removal so models love it! Spacepaste is infused with magick essential oils (blessed by a Hollywood witch) so each jar is filled with good vibes.” 

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste

There are 13 shades of Lemonhead LA Spacepaste: Wine Safari, Silver lake, Roosevelt, Private School, Mulholland, Malibu , Jailbait, Gunshow, Groupie, Gildebeest, Dirty Penny, Adult Film and Houdini. Lemonhead LA also have Spacejam with 6 shades and 5 shades of Glowjam – a UV glitter gel.

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste

These are perfect for highlight, hair glitter, eyeshadow or anything you want them to be! I was drawn to the shade ‘Mulholland’ – what can I say, I’m a sucker for rose gold. I was actually surprised how big the pot was for the price. They retail at £20 and you only need the smallest amount for an eyeshadow look. Now lets get on to the pigment.

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste Mulholland

The above swatch was created by just a small amount off of the lid, I have still yet to dip into the actual pot. The pigment is so intense, and the texture is really smooth, you can tell theres big chunks of glitter in there but it doesn’t feel scratchy like most glitters do. Super smooth and the glitter lies flat when applied – huge bonus if you were to apply shadow over the top. The consistency is much thicker with Mulholland than Houdini, although Houdini is meant to be a highlight. Even the smallest amount takes a bit longer to dry than Houdini, which dries almost immediately. Which means if you wanted it for an eyeshadow look, you best have a bit of time on your hands for it to dry in place. When it does dry, you’re in for a non budge glitter. Perfect for all day and night partying.

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste Mulholland

Houdini came in a slightly smaller pot being a free gift. It looks white with flecks of iridescent blue/purple which gives it a true highlight feel. It looks almost invisible when applied but in the right light it glows a gorgeous purple. Again, once dry this will not budge at all and gives you the perfect festival highlight.

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste Houdini Lemonhead LA Spacepaste Houdini


When it comes to removal, once the makeup remover hits it the rigidity breaks down and the glitter loosens. The best way to remove is with micellar water and pads and then to go over with a wipe or two to grab the stray bits of glitter. It’s best applied with a wet brush, but your finger will work just as well.


Overall thoughts:

Price: ££

Value for money: 5 ☆

Pigment: 5 ☆

Durability/wearability: 4☆

Multiple use product? Definitely


Whats your favourite colour paste? My next one will definitely have to be Dirty Penny!


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