August 5, 2018

July 2018 Instagram Roundup



How the hell are we in August already? Feels like yesterday it was Christmas! July has been filled with events and reminiscing about holiday! 

Started off the month with a fabulous evening with M&S and Masterchef winner Jane Devonshire – trying out all the new ranges of food and chatting about Jane’s new cookbook. A super fun filled evening with other bloggers and we got to eat the best M&S cheese so how can you go wrong?

I then reminisced about my holiday with Andy, having super bad holiday blues. Anyone else get that? There’s nothing worse than getting back into normal life and realising the bliss of lying by the pool and sun and doing what you want with your day is over. Anyone want to fund a year travelling for me?!

I got to finally edit my Kefalonia Video – super proud of the outcome, I edited my little socks off for it! If you haven’t already checked it out I would really appreciate it!

I then said goodbye to one of my best friends as she goes all the way to Australia. We travelled to Amsterdam together and the last few years have become so close and it’s so horrible not having her around to talk to or meet up with. Tears were shed to say the least!!

Me and my friend Ellen found an adorable cafe called Lemana in Lymington and it was incredible!

I had a good self care week while Andy was away, it was so nice to take care of myself and I had started to feel ill so it was good I did!

I then went to Seaside in the Square, a pop up beach in the middle of Southampton City! It was incredible to have a cocktail masterclass and just chat and have fun with all the other blogging girlies!

And thats my July, how was yours?

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