August 8, 2018

How to stay motivated

Motivation. It’s one thing we all have but also one of the hardest things to possess. I often find myself lacking in motivation to do anything. I struggle hugely with healthy eating, I love going to the gym and fuelling my body but it’s a constant struggle for me and always has been. However, the last couple of months I’ve managed to figure out how to tap into my thoughts and self and find little tricks to keep me on track and keeping up my motivation.

fitness motivation

My tips can be for anyone, for any time of motivation – whether it be fitness, dieting, even just getting to work on time etc. The first and most important is…

Get up early

Before you night owls run for cover under the bed sheets – hear me out! I hate mornings, It’s a daily battle for me to get out of bed each morning. It’s tough, I get it. However, I find setting my alarm early (I do 6am, but it’s perfectly okay if you just want to do it slightly earlier than you usually get up) and when that alarm rings give yourself a mental note of ‘you cannot snooze this until you get up’. If you really struggle, put your phone or alarm clock on the other side of the room, so you physically have to get up to switch it off. Hey presto – you’re up for the day! I find getting up early and getting whatever I need doing done and out the way makes me feel more accomplished. If it’s done and out the way you can’t complain about it later or try to get out of it! Try it, even if it’s just 10 minutes earlier than usual. When it’s done early you have the rest of the day to do as you want!


Write a to-do list

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Surely that won’t make a difference to my motivation?” Well, no, it won’t make a direct impact but it’s a small step. I find writing to do lists, even if it’s simple tasks like washing my hair or brushing my teeth, makes me feel more accomplished throughout the day. When I feel like I’ve wasted the day trying to avoid what I’m meant to be doing, I can look at my to do list and see all the things I’ve checked off so the day doesn’t feel so counterproductive. Okay, it won’t get the job done, but slowly but surely you’ll find yourself competing to check it all off, including the things you need to get done the most!


Pin the hell out of it

I love my Pinterest, I pin the majority of my day and heres why you should too! Create an inspiration board, whether it be a diet you want to follow, fashion trends you want to adopt, fitness/body goals, make a board full of things that you want to go for. When you look at it, it will be your inspiration. That inspiration fuels your drive to get out and do it! Now in regards to diet and fitness, do not solely strive for a specific image, know that you will have your own unique body of that inspiration. It would be fab to directly pin instagram models bodies to our own but unfortunately Pinterest isn’t that powerful.

fitness motivation


Set an end date

Don’t stress yourself to the point you’re ill, but setting an end date to your goals will push you more to achieve them. I had a knee operation in September 2017 and I vowed to lose the weight after the accident we had by Christmas 2018 – this year – to be fit enough for snowboarding. It’s August, I’ve still got under 5 months to get there and I’m already nearly 2 stone down (almost pre-accident weight) and I’ve lost 4 inches on my waist again. When you have an end date in sight it pushes you to go harder.


Don’t reach for the comfort food

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a bowl of mac and cheese or bar of chocolate when I’m feeling discouraged but it will 100% make me feel worse for eating it afterwards. Why willingly put yourself through the emotions? Don’t make your rewards or your consolidations food.


Reward every little thing until it becomes a habit

No not with food (see point above) reward yourself with little non food related rewards. Went to the gym 3 times this week? Go get your nails done, you deserve it. Resisted the urge to snack? Go buy yourself a new top. Reward the little things and you’ll soon get excited for the next step!


Really think about your drive behind it

Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want a healthier lifestyle? Once you’ve figured out your driving force, write it down. Every morning look at the reason. Mine is because I want to excel at a sport, I want to keep up with my boyfriend, I want to be fit so I don’t suffer with all the health problems my family have done. I want to take care of the only body I have. Look at that reason everyday and prove that you can do it.


Remember it takes 2 weeks to break a habit and 60 days to change a lifestyle.


You can do it, if no one else believes in you – I do.


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