August 22, 2018

The new personal shopper app you NEED!

If you’re anything like me, you love shopping. I always have done ever since my mum let me go on my first trip to town with my girlfriends when I was 13. I didn’t buy much, but I loved spending hours trying everything on and making memories.

Nowadays, the online market has taken the world by storm. Which is fine, but more often than not the online scene is taking preference rather than people going into a shop and buying things. The high street is dying and has been for some time now.

This is where JISP comes in, bridging the gap between the online world and the real world. They understand it’s not feasible to reverse the damage the internet has done, so we need something that is going with the times but stops the high street from failing.


So, what is JISP? It’s a handy little persoanl shopper app on your phone that changes the way you shop. Currently rolled out in 4 cities, Southampton being the 4th – it has great incentives and discounts for you to enjoy in your local high street.

It will tell you about promotions in your local stores as well as giving you discounts (some all year long). What’s more, if you log in every day you get some pennies for your wallet!

Love rewards is also a scheme that will be available soon on the app to give you some money off and incentives – rather than carrying around all those pesky loyalty cards!

Another part of the app is JISP HERE which is essentially like an Instagram inspired part of the app without the silly algorithm (can we get an amen?)

Upload videos and pictures to JISP HERE and put them public and you can be showing off great locations in your local shopping centre, and discover new gems you haven’t encountered before!

Perfect for small businesses and consumers alike. It really is an endless amount of initiative put into the app, it really shows with the love the team have put into it and I think it’s definitely something I will use constantly in the future.

You can download JISP in the App Store for free and be sure to search my name and add me and I’ll add you right back!

The goal for JISP is to go nationwide at some point, so if your city hasn’t launched yet don’t fret!!


Thank you to JISP for inviting us to their Southampton launch! Make sure you download your own personal shopper in the App Store today. Or head over to the JISP website


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