August 3, 2018

Top 5 Face masks

We all love a good face mask, if you say you don’t you’re lying. There’s nothing better than sitting in a hot bath with a glass of wine and a face mask on. Over the years I’ve accumulated many a face mask and now I’ve come up with my top 5 face masks.

Top 5 face masksGarnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Tissue Mask

This stuff is an absolute must for summer. Some genius at Garnier HQ had their thinking cap on that day and decided to put aftersun in a mask. No more slathering on aftersun and walking down to dinner looking a sticky shiny mess.

I’m one of those people that burn then tan, on holiday I went a lovely shade of lobster after a mere 20 minutes in the sun, didn’t look like I had burnt until I stepped out of the shower and had my full blown Bridget Jones inspired moment. Whacked this on while doing my hair for dinner and it soothed my skin and stopped the burn in its tracks. It cooled it down to the point of me looking semi normal on my face (bad luck for the rest of my body), so I could go down to dinner. The next morning all burn was gone and my face was left feeling super soft – win win!

Garnier Aftersun Tissue Mask

L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask

I loved all of the mask collection L’Oréal came out with but this one has to be my firm favourite. This is perfect for combination skin – which I have. Draws out impurities and makes your skin feel clean afterwards without stripping away all the oils. Creates a lovely pore matrix (them weird dark open dots around your pores when it dries) so I knew it was doing it’s job.  Look no further if you have oily or combination skin or even to apply it to breakout or problem areas.

L'Oreal Detox Mask

GlamGlow GravityMud Mask

I accidentally picked this up instead of their SuperMud mask but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Makes you look like a unicorn with its shimmery finish. Definitely does make your face feel tighter and firmer so definitely not a good one if you have sensitive skin (it’s quite perfumed too) but it is oh so satisfying to peel off.

GlamGlow GravityMud Face Mask

 Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Mask

I love the formula involved with this. It really does brighten your skin and I love how it’s not drying on your skin as some clays are. Even better – dried in under 10 mins so if you wanted to sneak in a quick mask before going out this is your best bet! Smells great – only downside is that mine dried out quite quick. Could be me being incapable of closing lids but it’s nothing a little added water can’t fix!

Sand & Skys Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask

Superdrug Cucumber Peel Off Mask

This is a total steal if you’re on a budget. Satisfying to peel off, smells of refreshing cucumber and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth. It’s probably one of my go to masks every week and I save the more expensive ones for ‘special occasions’ and when I have problems or break outs.

Superdrug Cucumber Peel Off Mask


Whats your favourite mask? Let me know in the comments! If you like this post, be sure to check out how to get perfect summer skin or the Lush Jelly Face Mask Review!


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