August 22, 2018

Turtle Bay Southampton – New drinks table!

We all love a night out, I personally love to start a night out with cocktails and go on to the heavy stuff later. Turtle Bay near Southampton Guildhall is my go to place on a night out for delicious cocktails.

When I found out they were introducing their own drinks tables for booking I got so excited. If you don’t already know, normally you can only grab a table if you’re only ordering food. When you have a big group of friends it can get quite crowded huddled round the bar on a Friday night.

Aside from the lush list of cocktails on the menu, the food is incredible. We were treated to some cocktails and gorgeous array of platters and starters.

The food is spicy, fair warning. But if you like that jerk spice this is the place for you! They fed us with enough food to feed an army and it was lush even with the spice!

Our feast included:

My personal favourite was the dirty curry fries and crumbed halloumi (dreaming about that cheese since!)

For our round of drinks we started sophisticated with Turtle Bay’s twist on a classic pornstar martini called ‘Side chick martini’ complete with a shot of prosecco.

I think this had to be my favourite drink all night – for those close to me know I absolutely dive head first into anything remotely passion fruit and this was no exception.

Next up was their twist on a Pina Colada called a Koko Kolada. The majority of Turtle Bay’s cocktails are suitable for vegans so it’s a really good stop for all dietary needs – as they catered to many allergies and eating preferences while we were there!

Next up was a drink of our choosing so I went for my usual (as you can tell I’m super adventurous!) passion rum punch.

I love how sweet this is and how it is essentially just fruit juice (dangerous!)

Finally we tried their brand new Beach Shooters – essentially a cocktail in a shot glass. No more making that weird after-shot face when the fire of hell creeps down your throat making you want to vom or reconsider all your life choices.

I chose Ghetto Girl – super sweet and tastes like watermelon. I’d take these over tequila any day… maybe. I do have a very strong love/hate relationship with my good buddy tequila. Anywho this shot is delish and is perfect for easing yourself into your night out!

We had such an incredible evening and a huge thank you to SotonBloggers for organising and Turtle Bay for being such lovely hosts!

I would definitely recommend checking out the new menus and book a drinks table for your evening out. So much more chilled and you can enjoy socialising without shouting over a busy bar. Relax with the luxury of drinks coming to you!

See you at the ‘Bay!


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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! Would love to go there x

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