September 27, 2018

25 things to put on your autumn bucket list



Autumn has to be my favourite time of year. The trees changing, the crisp mornings, hot chocolates and bonfires. I mean how can you not love it?!

I try my best to write a little bucket list for the seasons, it keeps my priorities in order and I feel like I really can make the most of the season then. My autumn list is always far bigger than any other season though because I love it too much to narrow it down. I think having a mini list really makes you appreciate the year so much more too, I feel so accomplished at the end of it and I love it.

So I’ve come up with my top autumn bucket list suggestions, some are very cheap, simple and easy to do whereas others involve a bit of money so you can pick and choose what you want to get ticket off this Autumn!

  1. Go for a walk in the forest
  2. Find a small cosy cafe for a hot chocolate
  3. Bake cinnamon buns
  4. Have a movie day by a fire, or build a blanket fort (you’re never too old!)
  5. Invite friends over for a bonfire
  6. Make smores
  7. Go to a harvest festival
  8. Pick your own pumpkins/apples/blackberries
  9. Carve a pumpkin
  10. Decorate for autumn
  11. Read a book (I reccommend the Little Book Of Hygge)
  12. Make a crumble or pie out of what you harvest
  13. Jump into a pile of leaves
  14. Have a leaf photoshoot
  15. Make caramel apples
  16. Make apple cider
  17. Make your own popcorn
  18. Make homemade soup
  19. Buy a new scarf
  20. Light autumn scented candles
  21. Have a candle or fire lit evening
  22. Go camping
  23. Roast some marshmallows
  24. Watch the sunset with blankets
  25. Create or follow an autumn playlist


What would you put on your bucket list? This isn’t an exhaustive list and some that may seem more hassle can actually be quite simple. Roasting marshmallows you can do with mini ones over a candle if you don’t have the capacity to make a fire, put your phone on a timer for a lead photoshoot – the options are endless.

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