September 12, 2018

Lo-dough Pizza Base Review!!

We all love pizza (a little too much if you’re like me) let’s admit it. I just hate the bloat and discomfort that comes after. I’ve self diagnosed myself as gluten intolerant due to the severe bloating and cramps I get from eating it (and lack of when I don’t).

Since counting macros I realise I eat waaay to many carbs. Especially on days where I’m not gymming. So even me going hard at he gym has not leaned me out like it should be.

I saw a few influencers eating lo dough off their own back with no sponsored ads and it got me thinking. Fairly pricey at £5 for 2 sheets for a starter pack but if I could enjoy pizza without the guilt and bloating I was down.

It suggests popping the slice onto a frying pan to brown off. The first attempt it didn’t go so well and just didn’t taste like pizza. The next go I used my electric skillet to brown it off and I left it until I could feel it crisping. It does warn that it can really dry out if you do it too much so I was wary – and I’m not apposed to a very crispy base!

Topped it with some passata, ham, onion, cheese and herbs and whacked it in the oven until the cheese was bubbling. And it was all good to go!

It’s not like a fluffy base like a normal pizza, once the passata was on I found it soaked in and lost the crispiness. However it’s lovely and light and you can taste your toppings a lot more. You barely even notice the base it’s so light!

I really enjoyed the second attempt at my pizza and I definitely think when me and Andy have our own place I will bulk buy some as they can be used for wraps, bread etc and it’s really great to have an alternative to heavy carb and gluten filled foods!

If you’re coeliac or gluten intolerant I would really recommend lo dough, especially considering it’s a low calorie alternative too. Of course the original taste of a base is lacking but for 39 calories and 2g of carbs I’m not complaining! It’s definitely on the pricier side, as all gluten free things are – which really bugs me considering people like my boyfriend’s dad and other close friends have coeliacs and if controlling your diet isn’t hard enough – whacking the price up doesn’t help much! So, yeah, it may break the bank a little with these however if you’re into lessening your carbs and want a lighter alternative for lunch I think it’s worth the inital output. It’s nice to go out to eat but when some restaurants charge extra to make the base gluten free (my £9 was £12 the other day) it all racks up. With this I got two pizzas for under £10!


Have you tried Lo dough? What did you think?


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