October 7, 2018

Why the world doesn’t owe you shit.

The world doesn’t owe you shit.

Apologies in advance for the potential swearing and full fledged rant but my timeline at the moment is FILLED with little snowflakes having a paddy because they didn’t get what they wanted. Whether it be a job, a brand opportunity or even that their boyfriend didn’t get their Chinese order exactly right.

Why have we suddenly become a generation that demands attention, status and things?! Since when have materialistic things weaved their way in so much so that instead of being humbled when life throws lemons at you medieval stocks style you have a full fledged meltdown like a 3 year old in Tescos screaming ‘I want sweets!’ ?

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes 99 things go wrong and that one thing that goes right seems incomparable. I get it. There’s lots of annoying things that go on in day to day life that bug you down. We’re all human, it’s okay to feel down and like the world is on top of you. But in what world does anyone think. ‘Life is shit, let me go inform twitter’. Fair enough at the end of the week putting something like ‘this week’s been hell’ etc. (I do it plenty) but putting a vague status or tweet like ‘nothing goes right for me😭’ is just plain attention seeking (sorry not sorry – someone had to say it).

Take the social media influencer lifestyle for example, 75% of us do it for the love and passion of it. The other percentage do it because they want to be the next Zoella and want all the free gifts in the world without lifting a finger. Why do they suddenly feel entitled to something everyone else has worked so hard for? It’s becoming a joke.

The day you arrived, the universe didn’t automatically bend into a curtsey in front of you and decided to wait on you hand and foot. Instead it probably said something along the lines of “suck it up buttercup, you’re about to do a whole lot more crying in the next few decades” – so why do you think that now you’re an adult you can suddenly start pretending that it did?

Instead of saying ‘today is shit’ why not focus on the positive and withhold yourself from throwing the toys out the pram. “Today could’ve gone better”, “tomorrow will be better”. It’s amazing how having a different outlook changes your perspective.

The world doesn’t owe you shit. Whether your parents taught you it did or you decided to become a bratty adult doesn’t matter. No one and nothing owes you anything. The only person that owes you something is yourself. You owe yourself self love, confidence, humility and work ethic. That is all. You can have a meltdown all you want. All the rest of us will just watch you from the sidelines as we progress because we actually did some damn work and grafted to get where we want to be.

Lift your finger, start grafting. That rush that comes over you like a wave of happiness is called pride. That is your energy tablet for your next task. Keep going until you need to tell Twitter how great your day is going.

The world doesn’t owe you shit.

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