December 3, 2018

5 Inexpensive Christmas Eve traditions you can easily get into!

More and more now I’m seeing all these ‘Christmas Eve Boxes’ that I wish were around when I was a kid! A little hamper of movies snacks and pyjamas to make some memories before Santa came. It’s a nice way to make memories before the hecticness of the big day sweeps you off your feet. I see plenty of blog posts and ideas involving children, but where are the ones for adults? Surely we deserve some magic too.

It got me thinking, I want to develop my own Christmas Eve traditions for me and Andy when we’re in the house. So I’ve come up with 5 inexpensive Christmas Eve traditions that are super easy to get into and work for both families and couples or just friends.

  1. Inviting close friends over for a game night. We love game nights and I think it’ll be something really special for Christmas Eve to have each friend bring a board game they like and then you’re not needing to go out and buy lots of games. It doesn’t even need to be games, fondue night, Christmas movie night. I think Christmas is just as important to spend with friends as it is with family.
  2. Bake something. I plan to bake the cinnamon rolls Andy loves with him on Christmas Eve night and then that’s a sticky sugary breakfast all sorted for the morning. I’m a sucker for romance and I love cooking with him. It’s great idea for families with young children too!
  3. Gift scramble – give yourself 10-15 minutes on Christmas Eve night to run round your nearest Tesco’s or corner store and get stocking fillers for each other. It’ll be a good giggle and you don’t have to spend mega bucks!
  4. Go round the neighbourhood lights. Bundle up warm and go for a Christmas Eve walk round your or a near by neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights. We do this every year and it makes me feel so Christmassy!
  5. Ornament exchange – exchange an ornament between you, representing one of your favourite memories for the year, it will be nice to reminisce and remember years down the line.

Do you have a Christmas eve tradition? Let me know in the comments!


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