December 7, 2018

November on Instagram

I keep completely forgetting to do a Instagram round up! It’s been a while!

November was a pretty quiet month for me on Instagram, I struggled to find the time to post – work has been so manic and I just get home and sleep most days (which makes me managing Blogmas for 7 days straight now a bloody big achievement)

The most noticeable thing on my Instagram in November is that I had all my hair cut off and donated it to the Little Princesses Trust to be made into a wig for someone who doesn’t have hair! I thought I would only meet the bare threshold of 7 inches for the donation but actually managed a whopping 9 inches! I had wanted my hair cut short again for ages and kept it longer because I wanted to do something more than just cutting it for no reason!

November also saw this incredibly comfy and bright crop hoodie from C’est Normal walk into my life and I wear it pretty much 24/7. I LOVE IT.

Apart from that it’s been a very quiet Instagram period! Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!

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