January 16, 2019

2018 in review

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and do a year in review. I think they’re actually quite nice to do to reflect on the year, and bring up some memories that little goldfish brain me has probably forgotten.

This year has probably been my best yet, I kind of feel like my grandad has been watching over me and making things happen.

I finished my qualification as a beauty therapist, so now I am a fully qualified therapist which is huge for me (I’ve failed at education so many times so it’s amazing I actually have a qualification to my name!)

Straight after I managed to get the job of my dreams at Chewton Glen spa, to this day I absolutely love it – and I earn more than I ever dreamed of earning being a therapist (last month I almost earned as much as Andy!)

I went on 3 holidays, a weekend getaway to Amsterdam, went back to Kefalonia in Greece and then finished off the year with a skiing holiday to France.

Me and Andy have been talking about living together since about a year into our relationship. I always ‘knew’ we’d work out and live together so we started talking about it pretty early on. Fast forward two years and next week we will be getting the keys to our first home. I never dreamed I would be 21 with a mortgage but I’m so excited to live with my best friend. It’s a huge project house too so be ready for more posts about renovation!

I managed to get fit and shift the weight I’d gained after the accident on holiday and never felt better (although fairly certain over an indulgent Christmas it’s creeped its way back!)

Looking back all I can think is happy positive memories. The last few years have been tinged with sadness from losing loved ones but this year I struggle to see a downside to it.

So I’m gratefully closing the chapter on 2018 and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for us all.

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