February 24, 2019

Sailing away for a doggy day out

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my dog Harley on here before. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I have a Bichon Frise called Harley. Despite being 6 years old he acts like a complete puppy, yaps like crazy and runs amok everywhere.

Apart from that he’s a lovable squish that enjoys a good cuddle.

Whenever we’ve gone on holidays or days we’ve always got a dog sitter or left him to his own devices with a Kong. When I heard Wight Link allows dogs to travel for free I got very excited.

I’ve always loved going over to the island growing up and I already know what amazing walks they had so I jumped at the chance to visit for a day.

Lymington is just round the corner from us so we were up bright an early to head out to Yarmouth. Wight Link do several ferries every day from different ports and it couldn’t be more simple. Just drive up, wait, drive on the ferry and then chill for the next 40 mins. If only all journeys could be that simple!

They have a dedicated pets only area so you can chill with your pooch – so long as they’re well behaved – and take in the views of the Solent.

We decided to leave Harley in the car with a window open as he’s much calmer when left to his own devices.

After we hopped off the ferry we headed out to Newtown River to take some pictures and let the furry one stretch his legs and even though it was an overcast day the views were beautiful!

We then heading off to a dog friendly pub and had some lunch and it was the first one Harley sat still for an hour!

We then heading off to see some of Andy’s old family friends and Harley has a brief encounter with a lovely horse… until he decided to start barking at it.

We then headed our way back to Yarmouth for the ferry and hopped on and had s leisurely ride back to Lymington.

We had such an amazing day out and had such a leisurely stress free travel with the pooch thanks to Wightlink ferries. Harley was so knackered he slept for a day afterwards!

If you want to take your furry companion on a day out like ours use the code SIAN for 30% off travel with a dog. That’s the biggest saving over Feb and March that Wightlink offer!

Thank you to Wightlink for gifting us the travel in exchange for review. See disclaimer for more info.

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