May 31, 2019

The Bodyguard the Musical at the Mayflower Theatre

The bodyguard was the first movie my dad let me stay up late to watch, it was exciting, scary and the music by Whitney Houston was obviously incredible.

I knew a musical had been made about it but it never really flew into my radar, it was one of them musicals that would’ve been great to see but not at the top of my list.

I was lucky to be invited to see it with gifted tickets for press night and let me tell you I loved it from start to finish.

Alexandra Burke is incredible, I’ve watched her career from X Factor and always knew she was great but my word she shines in this role. Her belts were heavenly and she completely embodied Rachel Marron.

If you’re unaware of the story line for the bodyguard. Rachel Marron is the biggest singer in the world and is very blasé about her safety and oblivious to the fact someone may want to hurt her. Threats somehow make it into her apartment and dressing room which makes her entourage invite in Frank Farmer (Benoît Maréchal) a new bodyguard to manage the threats. They both clash heads as Rachel still wants to do as she pleases. The stalker ramps up his game and eventually Rachel comes around to Frank, mainly as she falls in love with him.

The portrayal of the stalker was played by Phil Atkinson who was very good looking, most people in the audience were slightly distracted by this fact and forgot he was an actual stalker! The scenes where he is sending letters and aiming the gun at the audience is really incredible and engaged the audience completely. If it was me I would’ve cast someone slightly less attractive to prevent the wolf whistles in every scene he was in. It takes away from the seriousness of the character, but these are only minor faults and definitely no fault of the actor.

Micha Richardson who plays Nikki Marron is just as incredible as Alexandra and a power house in her own right. Whenever these two took the stage together it was beautiful.

Throughout the whole show I was transported back to staying up late and being mesmerised by the showmanship of Rachel and the songs were still as amazing to me as they were then. Jesse Oniha who plays fletcher stole the hearts of everyone in the audience and my word that kid can sing. A true little performer in every sense of the word!

This musical had me engaged, bopping and basically going blue from restraining myself to not sing out loud. It was an incredible night and I would definitely buy tickets to see it again.

The Bodyguard the Musical is at the Mayflower from 28th May to 8th of June so book now!

*Tickets were gifted in exchange for review. See Disclaimer for more info

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  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Brilliant review Sian and just telling it how it is.

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