June 14, 2019

Matilda the Musical at The Mayflower

Ready for another musical post? This one’s a gooden. I’ve wanted to see Matilda the Musical for the longest time and when presented the opportunity to see it with Southampton bloggers I was ecstatic.

I fell in love with Tim Minchin’s musical ever since it came out and know all the words off by heart but never had money at the right time to see it.

 matilda the musical at the mayflower

If you’ve never read or seen the movie (have you been living under a rock?!) it’s about a little girl Matilda born into a family that doesn’t want her, and her school head mistress Miss Trunchball makes it even worse with the school being a living hell. Her only sanctuary in the school is Miss honey who she forms a close relationship with. She develops super powers and has an incredible mind far advanced for her age. She navigates her way through school and always comes out smiling through the struggles.

The musical genius that is Tim Minchin has created a score so catchy and the cast of child actors are so immensely talented to pull it off. I think most adults in the audience thought how much of a failure we are at life with how these children so seamlessly sing dance and act with such enthusiasm and spunk. I have never felt so in awe and so untalented at the same time! The leading lady that played Matilda for our show was Freya Scott. She was so incredible and absolutely lived up to my expectations of the original London cast (a dangerous expectation to have on my behalf!)

The rest of the cast was as follows; Presley Charman as Bruce, Oliver Dalby as Tommy, Alfie Sanderson as Nigel, Ryan Taylor-Young as Eric, Lillie Downton as Hortensia, Georgia Mae Brown as Alice, Chantelle Tonolete playing Lavender and Darcy Kelly as Amanda. All the cast were equally talented and skilled. The adults in the cast brought it together. Elliot Harper who played Miss Trunchball was out of this world and I think was a firm favourite with everyone in the audience. Miss honey was amazing too, played by Carly Thoms, her voice was so angelic. Harmonies of the whole cast were on point and the dance numbers were so energetic.

From start to finish I was immersed in Matilda’s world and loved every second. A absolute favourite of mine from start to finish and the wit and engagement of the cast would be perfect for children to see too.

Catch Matilda the Musical at The Mayflower Theatre from 11th June – 6th July so book now!

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