April 15, 2020

My isolation routine

At times like these, it’s so easy to fall out of your routine. especially if you’re like me and not able to work through it!

I started creating a little routine for myself to keep myself occupied. I’m not stressing if I don’t stick to it, but it’s nice to try and find structure to my days.

Most days I’m setting myself an alarm, normally around 7:30/8 ish. I like to laze in bed for a little and look through social media. For the first two weeks before lockdown I was ill with suspected coronavirus, so I wasn’t actually looking at social media, after feeling better I deleted all apps for the first week of lockdown. Mainly for my mental health and just to actually enjoy some quality time with Andy.

7:30/8am – wakeup and make the bed

8-10:30am – workout/go for a run/ bike ride. Have some breakfast, have a shower or a bath, do my full skincare routine (will cover this in another post!)

10:30-12ish – read a book, sunbathe, tidy the house, do some colouring, play animal crossing.

12-1pm – lunch

1-4pm – go outside for an hour (if I haven’t run or gone for a cycle in the morning) do some DIY, prep dinner, go on social media, tick one thing off my to do list.

4-6pm – feed the cat, start dinner

6pm – dinner, tidy away kitchen.

6pm onwards – netflix, chilling in the living room, skincare routine again and go to bed by 10pm

Each day is so different and I am 100% having days where I literally do sweet FA. But having some sort of routine in my mid makes the day go a little quicker and stops me losing my sanity so much.

I’ve created a massive to do list of things I’ve said I’d do “when I have the time” – ranging from DIY round the house to finish it off (we’re renovating), to self care things, to organising. My goal is to tick one thing off a day so on days I feel trapped or like I havent made use of all this time off I can see my list getting smaller. It may be a thing that can help one of you if you’re struggling!

What are your days looking like? Are you still working? Let me know in the comments section!

Take care, Sian x

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