May 15, 2020

Quarantine skincare: how I’m controlling my acne

As most of you may know, I’ve suffered with acne for years. I’ve tried many methods to try and control it. A while back I tried the 10 step Korean skincare routine, and it was great but I was still breaking out so I gave up after a few months. Having to wear makeup for work doesn’t exactly help, so my skin has been loving all these no makeup days in quarantine.

After reading the skincare bible by Anjali Mahto I had a look into what was consisting in my skincare routine and chucked a few steps out that was clearly not helping.

Korean skincare regimes recommends you use an oil based cleanser to remove oil on the skin and makeup followed by a water based cleanser. Having oily skin, the thought of putting even more on there made me cringe, but it did leave my skin very soft! I decided to switch this step out to replace it with micellar water and then going in with the second cleanse of a water based cleanser. I use the d’alba no sebum cleanser. This is really nice as its pH balanced and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

I’ve also started to use stronger glycolic peel at least 3 times a week. I would normally not reccomend to my clients to go over 3 but I find my skin most benefits every other day of the Glycolic peel mask from Nip and Fab. Then inbetween going in with my pixi glow toner.

So this is my AM and PM routine at the moment during lockdown, this will change when I go back to work – to incorporate less in the morning for makeup application.

AM Routine:

Cleanse with my d’alba no sebum cleanser and rinse with luke warm water.

3-4 times a week using my nip+fab glycolic peel mask – leaving on for 10-15 minutes, afterwards rinsing with cold water. On the inbetween days I simply wipe over the Pixi glow tonic with a reusable cotton pad (btw these are super soft and better for the environment than cotton pads).

The ordinary niacinamide and zinc 10% – niacinamide is great for controlling breakouts. This serum has seriously changed my skincare game.

I then apply two pumps of Cosrx advanced 96 snail mucin essence once the niacinamide has absorbed. Snail essences are great for maintaining moisture in the skin and its really helped control my breakouts.

Sheet mask – I use sheet masks mainly for moisture, those with hylauronic acid in or snail and bee extract. When your skin is properly moisturised it reduces the production of excess sebum which causes spots. Once a week I switch out the sheet mask for a salicylic acid mask from the ordinary for more of a deep cleanse (if I do this mask I substitute the exfoliating stage of this skin care!) These masks don’t need to be done every day but I’ve found they’ve really helped my skin even out – and its nice to pamper yourself!

Once the sheet mask has sat for a while I remove and use the excess serum in the packet and pat it genty into my face and wait for it to absorb. After that I go in with a small amount of the Dr Oracle A thera cream – it’s gel based so doesn’t clog pores.

Then I finish with my SPF. Spf is such an important stage in a skin care regime, if you take away anything from this post today please invest in a good SPF! UVA rays can cause skin cancer and it’s the number one cause of wrinkles and premature aging! Don’t spend on anti aging creams, just get yourself a good spf. I use the NeoGen spf.

PM routine

Micellar water to cleanse if I’ve worn makeup in the day. If not then I stick to my normal cleanse.

Cleanse with d’alba no sebum cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water.

Pixi glow tonic on a cotton pad

Niacinamide and zinc serum

Advanced 96 snail mucin essence.

A thera cream

If I have any active spots I will then apply an acne pimple master patch from Cosrx – these are amazing at flattening spots overnight and drawing out any that are under the skin without a head. Absolute must have if you suffer with acne!

Every now and again I also use a lip mask and I love this coco pucker up one. It makes my lips feel super soft and really hydrates them. A must have for me as I usually pick at my lips when I’m anxious.

Exra notes; on top of my skin care I’ve been eating a healthy diet mostly, drinking 2L of water a day and having the OSKIA MSM capsules – 4 a day. I take a daily zinc and magnesium tablet too. To help with my bacne I’ve been using a Korean exfoliating mitt once a week on my shoulders and any excess serum/moisturiser on my hands after I’ve applied it to my face and neck I apply to my shoulders.

That’s everything! It’s a lot of work and obviously with going back to work I will most likely swap am and pm as I will have more time on my hands in the evening. But for the moment I am loving spending some me time in my mornings!

If you have any questions let me know! Otherwise, take care and speak soon

Sian x

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