January 5, 2021

My hopes for 2021

What a bloody year 2020 was. I mean, you couldn’t make that up could you?

When the countdown chimed in I weirdly woke up on New Years Day feeling super positive about this year, excited for hopefully getting life on track again. Cue the announcement last night, another lockdown. But weirdly enough, I’m still feeling weirdly positive.

Yes it’s not ideal, I’d love to be able to go back to normal and have more freedom. However, people are dying from this. Got to count your blessings somewhere.

I’m lucky that I am recovering from operations through January, so I won’t miss out on too much, and my business won’t be left out.

So instead of resolutions, quite frankly I don’t believe in them. You have 365 days in a year to change your life and I don’t think that should be pinned on a single day. I’ve decided to op for hopes for the year, hoping means it’ll be nice if it does happen – but equally, not much to lose if it doesn’t.

  1. I have a year of recovery and move on with my life. You can read my dramatic post about my body here. I am having operations to fix damage left from sexual abuse from an ex partner. With healing this physical part of me, I hope the mental scars will fade and I can fully enjoy my life with Andy to the fullest.
  2. I hope my business is successful. Due to my condition and needing a schedule of my own timeframe, I decided to go self employed. I am lucky I have such wonderful clients keeping me busy, but I hope it can be really successful so I can be financially comfortable and even look into hiring people or having a facility down the line.
  3. I hope coronavirus clears, that vaccination works and by the end of the year all of this is a distant memory.
  4. Carry on with my fitness journey. 2020 was all about becoming fitter for me. Despite the pandemic, I managed to make it a lifestyle and it’s a decision I’m grateful for every day.
  5. I was only going to stick to 4 hopes one for every quarter of the year…but what’s one cheeky one more – I hope I get a bit of extra jewellery this year. Hint hint, wink wink Andy 😉

But most of all, I just hope 2021 isn’t as much as a shambles as last year. One can hope, ay?

I hope this year brings you some happiness and joy despite everything going on. Remember there’s always a rainbow after every storm.

Sian x

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